2nd class, unchosen career

‘This study examines the employment decisions of heterosexual women married to military service members, and how their decisions to work or not work evolve over time within this context of uncertainty and high demands.’For some the pull that was exerted on the spouses was constant while for others the pull was amplified as the service… Continue reading 2nd class, unchosen career

Gendered, unpaid roles

‘The family and the military are both “greedy institutions” (Segal, 1986) and their competing demands can lead to conflict between work and family life for personnel.’The demands of the military can also extend to military families via experiences of relocation, separations and reunions, and deployment, resulting in poorer mental health and well-being among military spouses.’An… Continue reading Gendered, unpaid roles

Starting from scratch each time

‘Non-Serving partners often feel that they have to make a choice between being with the Serving partner or having a stable base and pursuing their career, but that they can never have both. They frequently argue for longer assignments and fewer moves: “Partner employment has always had an impact on my family. With the constant… Continue reading Starting from scratch each time


“I will put my hand to any work going but I have been to places that even working on checkouts they wouldn’t employ me because I was overqualified.”(RAF non-serving partner) Living in our ShoesReport of a review commissioned by the Ministry of Defence | June 2020